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The following AVHRR NDVI, LAI and FPAR products are currently available
  • Half-degree degree monthly fields from 07/1981 through 05/2001
  • 16 Km monthly fields from 07/1981 through 05/2001

These products were derived from an improved version of the AVHRR Pathfinder Land NDVI Data set using model derived LAI (FPAR) vs NDVI relations (Myneni, R. B., Nemani, R. R. and Running, S.W., 1997. Algorithm for the estimation of global land cover, LAI and FPAR based on radiative transfer models. IEEE Trans. Geosc. Remote Sens., 35: 1380-1393.)

You can download these products from:


Climate and Vegetation Research Group
Dept. of Geography,Boston University. May-12-2005