• GG 312: Global Climate Change and Environmental Impacts (Fall 2002)

    Student Talks:

  • Nov-12-02: Effects of ENSO on global agriculture and food supply by Katie Swanson.
  • Nov-14-02: Changes in Antarctic Sea Ice by Autum Leigh Rotach.
  • Nov-19-02: Current State of ENSO by Stacy Brooke Skale.
  • Nov-21-02: Biotic responses to climate change by Juan Oteyza.
  • Nov-21-02: The environmental and physical effects of climate change onthe UK by Andrew Dorman.
  • Dec-05-02: The Ocean as a carbon sink by Carolyn Ching
  • Dec-05-02: Is the climate becoming more extreme? by Colden Ray.
  • Dec-05-02: How does Climate Change Affect the frequency and Distribution of Various Diseases? by Lauren Bourque