• GG 312: Global Climate Change and Environmental Impacts (Fall 2002)


    First Quizz: Oct-01-2002
    Due Date: Oct-03-2002
    Material: Class Readings Sep-03 through Sep-25
    Points: Five
        - Brief answers (about 5-10 lines) are expected
        - Use a pen (no pencils)
        - You can email your answers (no attachments!) or hand me a hardcopy
        - In case of questions, please contact me
        - Do not discuss with your classmates
        - Take home exam; obviously you can consult the class material
        - Write the answers in your own words


    (1) Summarize the main point of Weaver and Zwuers' article on uncertainty in climate change.
    (2) What are the issues related to storing carbon on land (cf. Scholes and Noble's article)?.