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GG 312 Fall 2000: Suggested Web Readings

Educational Material

Climate Change (White House Document!)
Common Questions About Climate Change
Global Warming and Climate Change
Global Warming from the Union of Concerned Scientists
Global Climate Change Information Programme
Global Climate Change
Green Peace Site
Climate Change And Mitigation
Snow and Ice Education
Popular Climate Science
Climate Research
Education for Sustainability
NASA's Earth Observing Education Site
Our Changing Planet
NASA EOS Science Plan(Chapter 1)
A Simple Climate Model
Technologies, Policies and Measures for Mitigating Climate Change
Forum on Global Change Modeling
The Global Warming Debate
FAQ About Climate Change
Vulnerability to Climate Change (IPCC Assessment)
Climate Change Information Kit
The Science of Climate Change
The Economic and Social Dimensions of Climate Change
Climate Change Information Kit

IPCC Technical Reports

Technologies, Policies and Measures for Mitigating Climate Change
An Introduction to Simple Climate Models used in the IPCC Second Assessment Report
Stabilization of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases: Physical, Biological and Socio-Economic Implications

Research Papers on the Web

The Sun and Climate
Greenhouse Lessons From the Geologic Record
How Reliable Are the Climate Models?
Trends in U.S. Climate During the Twentieth Century
Climate Change and Food Supply
Do We Still Need Nature
Carbon Cycle, Climate, etc.
Global Warming: State of the Science
Interannual Variations in the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle ...
Deforestation in the Amazonia ...
Contributions to Climate Change: Are Conventional Metrics Misleading the Debate?
Climate, Ecology and Human Health

Related Class Materials from Other Universities

University College Worcester in the UK
MIT (Global Carbon Cycle)
University of Chicago

Institutions and Agencies

US EPA Page on Global Warming
National Climate Data Center
Global Climate Modelling and Data: NASA GISS
National Center for Atmospheric Research
IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
Resources for the Future

Global Temperature

Temperature Trends


About ENSO
About ENSO (very neat!)
About ENSO (very very cool!)
Current State of ENSO
Current State of ENSO (I mean really current!)

Contranian Views

Opposing View (Daly)
World Climate Report
Opposing View (Abuse of Science)
Interesting Exchange
Greening Earth Society


Earth Observatory
Visible Earth
NOAA Photo/Image Collection

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27 Nov 2000